Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Record Store Day // GASMIASMA 7" preorders


ATTENTION fellow record nerds... In honor of National Record Store Day, there will be 20 hand-numbered copies of the new GASMIASMA 7" in 4 local independent stores here in New Orleans on Saturday & Saturday alone. This version is on colored vinyl & in an exclusive screenprinted alternate sleeve with alternate artwork. This is available a full 9 days before the official release date... Get there fresh & early & maybe you'll get there in time to nab one. Happy hunting... And good luck!


The records are in & are being assembled as we speak. Preorders are now available, so if interested, get in touch. The first 80 mailorder editions are on clear vinyl & come with the standard sleeve, an alternate black on black silk-screened sleeve (different than the record store day sleeve) & a patch. The standard version is on black vinyl & is issued in the standard sleeve. All orders will ship with free buttons.

Contact noxiousnoize(AT)gmail.com

Limited edition Pentagram/Eyehategod show posters for sale

I have a handful of these sweet posters left over from the last show Pentagram played here in New Orleans. They were supposed to make it out to the merch table early on but mistakenly didn't until the very end of the show. Anyway, these are limited to 100 hand-numbered copies on thick, glossy cardstock. They will be mailed in thick tube mailers to ensure they arrive unscathed, ready to be framed & put on display. The lineup for this was Pentagram, Eyehategod, Black Tusk, Haarp & Omean.

If you want a particular number & I still have it, i will be sure you get it. They're $15 each, so if you're in the continental USA, the total will come to $20. I took a picture, although it's not the best quality cuz my phone's camera kinda sucks:

Friday, February 18, 2011

Jucifer show


Aural Atrocities: The Story So Far

Noxious Noize! was started as a record label in 2007 as a means to promote local music & to help bring back the music scene in post-Katrina New Orleans. It has since turned into a platform for booking bands, setting up tours & promoting local events as well.

Shows have been booked for loads of bands, small & large... From locals Eyehategod to international acts like Pentagram & The Vibrators.

Initially, the intention was to only release local music. After our scene started coming back, it was time to start focusing on bands from all over the place. The first four releases have since sold out. Below are links to download them in their entirety, just click the band name & record title.

4-song EP. 45rpm.
Debut release by this noisy New Orleans hardcore/punk band. Features members of Hellkontroll, Crowbar, Ritual Killer & Psychon Vex. You'll need earplugs for this one!

2-song single. 33 rpm.
2 songs by this one-man funeral doom/black metal project from France.

500 hand-numbered copies pressed. 100 came on white vinyl with a patch, 400 came on orange vinyl. Both versions included a button.

2-song single. 33 rpm.
Baton Rouge/New Orleans-based Thou. Released shortly before the release of their second album "Peasant". These 2 songs were also included on the CD version of that album.

500 copies pressed. First 100 came on pastel yellow marble vinyl, last 400 came on standard yellow vinyl. 29 copies of the standard yellow version came in an alternate printed black & white sleeve. the regular sleeve is silk-screened thick black cardstock with silver ink. Both sleeves have a 7"x7" booklet attached to the inside.
10-song EP. 33 rpm.
Debut release by this 2-piece (at the time) Louisiana based crasher crust band. One of the most intense live bands out there too.

1000 copies pressed. 250 on white/black split vinyl with sticker & button (only available locally & in Japan) & 750 on standard black vinyl.